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Fun Time!!!

①Toy Saw: Press down the red handle,makes saw sound effects and flashing lights.
②Toy Drill: Turn the handle,workbench makes electric drill working sound effects with flashing lights.
③Bench clamp: Turn the handle, the workbench makes a "Da~da~ da~"sound.
④Toy Screws:Rotate the screw cap with screw driver or spanner, it will make sounds of "Ka, ka, ka..."
⑤Toy Nails:Strike the nails with the hammer, the workbench will make sound of "Ding, ding, dang, dang..."
⑥Game Tube:Pound the little ball with the hammer or use hand directly pressing it into the hole, the workbench make wonderful sounds and music songs, lights flash as well.
⑦Shape Matching: Placing blocks into the corresponding holes and the workbench will say the name of the shapes along with fun sound effects.
⑧Number Ruler:Slide the pointer to the number and the workbench will say the corresponding number and play music, light flash as well.

Product Dimensions:11 x 8.7 x 6.8 inches
2 × 1.5V "AA"batteries required.(not included)
Recommended age:18 months and up

  • Adorable shape toy with bright colors,let babies play and learn at the same time
  • Features: Different activities and music, improve babies' manipulation ability,enrich babies' cognition
  • Lights,Sounds,Volume control, ABS material--interesting and durable
  • Educational Workbench:Small storage box ×1--Shape Blocks(Ball×1,Triangle×1,Round×1,Square×1,Heart×1)--Tools(Hammer×1,Screwdriver×1,Wrench×1)--8 Game Modes(Toy saw,Toy Drill,Bench Clamp,Toy Screws and Nails, Game Tube,Shape Matching,Number Ruler)
  • 2 × 1.5V "AA"batteries required.(not included),Recommended age:18+ months