Star Wars 2010 Saga Legends Action Figure SL05 Jango Fett (With Poncho)

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As Jango Fett answers ObiWan Kenobis questions on Kamino, he gauges the level of threat posed by the Jedis investigation. On the surface, their conversation is polite, but underneath is a current of suspicion and menace. The bounty hunter anticipates that his next meeting with Kenobi will not be as pleasant.An intergalactic battle is raging and you and your Jango Fett action figure are about to enter the fray! Arm your warrior with his secret weapon accessories so that hes ready to charge into combat against his fiercest enemies. Whether fighting for the fate of the universe or standing at attention in your collection, this awesome action figure puts all of the excitement of the Star Wars saga right in the palm of your hand!Figure comes with lightsaber and secret weapon accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die.
  • Hasbro Star Wars 3 3/4 Inch Line
  • Saga Legends Line
  • Battle Card, Die and Base Included