Harry Potter Candles - Set of 10 - Cinereplicas (Set of 10)

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These candles are perfect for every Harry Potter themed Events and Festivities! 10 candles with 5 different designs for every Harry Potter fan: - 2 candles with yellow and black stripes and Hufflepuff logo - 2 candles with blue and grey stripes and Ravenclaw logo - 2 candles with green and grey stripes and Slytherin logo - 2 candles with red and yellow stripes and Gryffindor logo - 2 candles with yellow and white stripes and the famous logo of Harry Potter's round glasses and yellow lightning bolt *toppers and cup cakes cases are not included
  • 100% WAX
  • GRYFFINDOR, HOGWARTS, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw style candles inside
  • INCLUDED 10 plastic picks