Emergency Paracord Survival Kit (30 Tools) by X-Plore Gear|Natural Disaster/Earthquake Preparedness Response 30 ft Cord, Knife, Whistle, Compass for Outdoor Adventures, Backpacking, Boat, Car (Brown)

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Be Ready for Whatever Comes Your Way with the Best Paracord Survival Kit by X-Plore Gear!

Are you a passionate outdoor enthusiast with love for adventure?

Do you want to be perfectly prepared for the case you're stranded out in the wilderness with little to survive on your own?

Or maybe you just love the idea of a complete survival tool kit that can fit in the palm of your hand, ready to save your life in any emergency?

Then this is for you!

A Minimalist Emergency Preparedness Kit for Any Explorer!

Ultra-portable, super convenient and potentially life-saving, this paracord survival kit packs an impressive number of 30 survival tools, all bundled up to fit in your pocket, backpack or jacket.

With a carabiner, compass, whistle and thermometer, thoughtfully placed on the outside of the kit, you can still use some of the tools, without opening it.

Inside each paracord survival kit you will find:

30 feet of 550 military grade paracord
2 alcohol pads for disinfection use
2 sterile adhesive band aids
Aluminium foil for cooking or even to act as a signal in emergencies
1 flashlight
1 multipurpose stainless steel tool card with instructions of use
2 brooch pins
2 pin needles
2 paper clips
A piece of cotton
Tinder for starting a fire
2 fishing hooks with fishing line
Fishing weights to lead the fish to your hook
A sharp knife for cutting the cord or game
2 floats
2 whistles (one with compass on it)
Wire saw

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from (for men and women), you're sure to find the right paracord survival kit for you!

So what are you waiting for?

Get Equipped with An Emergency Kit and Be Ready for Whatever Comes Your Way!

Grab Yours Today!

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  • BE READY FOR ANYTHING: Filled with all the essential tools you'll need to get yourself out of any life-threatening situation and help you survive in the wilderness, this pocket paracord survival kit is a must-have for outdoor and camping enthusiasts, survivalists, backpackers and anyone who wants to be perfectly prepared for anything that life might throw their way.
  • SPACE SAVING & EASY TO CARRY EVERYWHERE: Each emergency kit includes 30 survival tools, carefully wrapped inside 30 feet of 550 super strong paracord. With a carabiner on the outside, as well as a compass, whistle with a compass and thermometer that you can use without unraveling the cord, this emergency preparedness kit is ultra lightweight, so you can easily hang in on your backpack or even carry it in your jacket!
  • COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED: Inside this emergency response kit you will find: 2 alcohol pads, 2 band aids, aluminium foil for cooking or even to act as a signal in emergencies, a flashlight, a multipurpose stainless steel tool card with instructions for use, 2 brooch pins, 2 pin needles, 2 paper clips, a piece of cotton, tinder, 2 fishing hooks with fishing line, fishing weights, a sharp knife, 2 floats, 2 whistles (one with compass on it), wire saw, thermometer and 1 carabiner.
  • SURVIVE ANYWHERE: Offering you endless possibilities of ways that you would like to survive on the mountains, in the forest, after an earthquake, natural disaster or any situation you may encounter during your adventures, this survival kit will help you: Start a fire, make lashings, fishing nets, set up a shelter, sew your clothes, treat wounds and more!
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS WITH AN AWESOME GIFT: Want to impress your survivalist friends with a unique gift that they will love? Then look no further than this all-in-one emergency kit. Perfect for multiple uses, this is a high quality pocket size survival kit that might just save your life!