Elastic Pants Waist Extender 5-Pack - Strong Adjustable Pant Button Extenders by Comfy Clothiers

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This is a 5-pack of elastic pants extenders from Comfy Clothiers. These button extenders are specifically made with very strong elastic so that they will not stretch out too much or too easily, which can be a problem with cheaper elastic when used as a pants extender. These extenders feature 3 button slots so they are adjustable, plus they can stretch approximately another 50% at maximum expansion. If you are looking for a pant extender solution this is a great, versatile product that will work with the majority of your pants to expand the waist size and give you more comfort. These work for early pregnancy to save you from buying maternity clothes in your first trimester, or for anyone who has a few pairs of pants that are a bit tight in the waist.
  • ELASTIC - expands and contracts as needed for maximum comfort in the waist area of your existing pants. Makes any pants, slacks or trousers into adjustable stretchy waistband pants. Great for early pregnancy as a maternity waist extender.
  • ADJUSTABLE - has 3 button slots to adjust these pants extenders, plus the elastic is stretchy.
  • STRONG - our elastic does not stretch out too easily like many other pant extenders do.
  • COMFORTABLE - gain an extra 1" to 2" in your pants waistline for additional comfort fit.
  • 5-PACK - sold as a 5-pack so you can keep a pants button extender in your car, office, etc.